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I am in charge of teaching the Algorithms classes at GT (CS3510, CS4540, CS6515), both for undergraduate and graduate students. I am also fortunate to teach Algorithms for our Online Master program. In the past, I taught the following classes:


@ GT School of Mathematics and College of Computing:

  • Linear Algebra (MATH1553) (my favorite class to teach!).

  • Introduction to Discrete Math (MATH2603).

  • Probability Theory (MATH3235).

  • Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (CS2050 and its honor class CS2051)

@ University of Washington:

  • Advanced Multivariable Calculus (324).

  • Introduction to Differential Equations (307).

Advise for students looking for assistantship positions: Every semester I have several positions for TAship, both for undergraduate and graduate students. The application process is conducted by the College of Computing, but it is always a good idea to email me and mention you are interested! In that email, include your experience (if any), and let me know if you have taken the class you are hoping to TA for and the grade you received. Students with a B or less are unlikely to get a position.   

  • I am proud to be part of the staff involved in the OMED program "Challenge", where I tell bright upcoming students about Calculus and Linear Algebra. Check the link above to know about the program.

  • I co-organized a Mathematics Research Communities workshop in 2019.

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